Cupertino Hills Tennis Rules and Regulations

General Tennis Rules and Regulations

  1. All guests must be signed-in upon entering the club. The sign-in sheet is located on the clipboard in the breezeway. Guests fees are $3.00. Guests are not allowed on the courts unless they are playing with a member.
  2. Players must wear proper tennis attire. This is defined as tennis shoes (with non-marking soles) and commonly accepted tennis clothing.
  3. Courts may only be used for playing tennis. To prevent damage to courts and court equipment misuse is prohibited.
  4. Children under the age of 14 must be supervised by an adult.
  5. The use of excessively loud and/or profane language is prohibited.
  6. Court usage is limited to 90 minutes (singles or doubles) when a member is waiting. Players practicing alone or with the ball machine are limited to 30 minutes when a member is waiting.
  7. Players have the right to complete the game in progress before relinquishing the court when their time is up (not to exceed 10 minutes).
  8. Players who intend to sign-up for more play must first finish out their initial time.

Court Priorities

  1. Courts #1-5 are open and available for play on a first come basis, except for scheduled USTA and Interclub matches (see calendar). Court #6 is a teaching court and must be made available to the pro for lessons.
  2. If a court is available sign your name and the time you took the court (under the appropriate number) on the blackboard. The blackboard and the official clock are located at the entrance of the alley dividing the courts.
  3. Failure to sign-in on the board results in the presumption that the allotted time has expired and the court must be yielded to waiting players.
  4. If all courts are in use, sign your name on the waiting list section of the blackboard. When a court becomes available erase your name and sign in the time on the court box.
  5. Waiting players have the responsibility to notify players on the court when their time has expired.