Gear: suits, T-shirts, sweats, goggles, caps, etc.

The recommended gear for team members is the team suit. The team suit is selected by a committee and remains consistent for two swim seasons. The team suit and other team clothing (T-shirts, sweats, goggles, and swim caps) can be ordered at the sign-up meeting. Clothing may also be available for purchase during the season in the concession stand at home swim meets.

Here are the suits for the 2014 season:

2014 Girls Suit 2014 Boys Suit 2014 Boys Suit

Online purchasing of team clothing is available at this external website: Company Casuals -> Cupertino Hills

For 2012 the Sharks have new logo T-shirts, sweatpants, and hoodies available! Fill out the form below with check payable to CHSRC, and drop off at the club. Or contact Marilee Adams at

Sharks Clothing Order Form

2012 Sharks Logo

2012 Sharks Logo Shirt

2012 Sharks Logo Sweats