Cupertino Hills Sharks News

2017 Swim Team Calendar

This year's 2017 Swim Meet Schedule has been announced.

2017 Ice Cream Social / Swim Team Signups

The 2017 Ice Cream Social/Sign up day is coming: March 19 from 2:00-4:00pm.

This year the Sharks are doing on-line registration using SwimTopia. Click the link here to register.

Waiver forms can still be found here. You can fill out the forms and bring payment to the club. Alternately, you can drop by the office (call first to be sure Rommy is there), fill out forms and provide payment.

2017 Head Coach: Rommy Zapp!

The Sharks are excited to announce that the head coach for the 2017 season is Rommy Zapp, returning after great success in the last six years! We're excited that she has agreed to return to the coaching ranks! She brings excitement and know-how, and this year promises to be another exciting one!