Parent Volunteers

All of the Sharks swim meets are run completely by volunteers - parents of JSSL swimmers. To fill all of these positions, each Sharks family is needed to work at least five swim meet jobs and two social events. There is a buy-out option for families with special circumstances.

There are many volunteer jobs available to suit the parents availability and interest. Below is a list of some of the jobs, and a brief description. For a full description, see this Volunteer Job Description document in pdf form.

Volunteers should log in to see the 2014 list of Swim Team Volunteers.

Some of the jobs available, with brief description

Timer Use stopwatch to time the swimmers' start and finish.
Recorder Record the results of each event and heat.
Runner Carry the results from the recorders to the MDM (Meet Data Manager).
Meet Setup (7:45am) Prepare the club for home meets, setting up various stations.
MDM / Scoring Table Lead or assist in the entry, storage and display of meet results.
Ribbon table Convert the meet results to ribbon entries.
Clerk of the Course Assist in getting the swimmers into their proper events, heats, and lanes.
Announcer Pass along some general meet information, introduce each event and give some "color commentary" for the meet.
Starter Using a microphone and starter button, give the official start signal for each heat.
Stroke and Turn Judge Watch over swimmers, looking for illegal strokes or flip turns and recording any disqualifications (requires training, see link to the left for recent presentation).
Concessions (7:45am - 1st shift; Clean-up - 2nd shift) Help in the cooking, presentation and/or selling of snacks and lunch items at home meets.
Set-up Set up meet around 7:45am
Clean-up Clean up after meet, put everything away, fold tables, etc.