Cupertino Hills Pool Rules

  1. Lifeguards have complete authority in the pool area. They will enforce all pool and pool side rules.
  2. No swimming alone at any time!
  3. Juniors (under 18) must be accompanied by an adult when swimming if no lifeguard is on duty.
  4. An indemnity release form must be on file for anyone swimming if no lifeguard is on duty.
  5. Children who cannot swim, regardless of age, must be accompanied by an adult at pool side.
  6. Swimming is not permitted if you are wearing bandages, have any infection, or have any open sores.
  7. Only one person is to be on the diving board at a time. There shall be no unnecessary springing while on the board, nor will jumping or diving off the sides of the board be permitted.
  8. Abusive use of the safety ropes is prohibited.
  9. No swimming or loitering in diving area.
  10. Balls, toys, flotation devices, etc. are not permitted in the big pool. Water toys may be permitted in the baby pool.
  11. Shouting games and body contact games are not permitted during general swimming.
  12. The baby pool is to be used only by those young children who cannot swim, 7 years of age and younger. Others will be admitted to the baby pool only at the discretion of the lifeguard. There must be an adult member present at the training pool at all times when its occupied.
  13. Small children in diapers must wear a clean diaper and plastic pants while in the pools.
  14. Do not talk unnecessarily to the lifeguard. His/Her attention must be undivided to assure your safety.
  15. The first 15 minutes of every hour will be reserved for adult swimming, if requested.
  16. Food, beverages, and chewing gum are NOT permitted on the concrete 6 to 8 feet within the immediate pool area.
  17. Breakable containers are prohibited in the fenced pool area.
  18. No running, pushing, rough-housing, or horseplay in the pool area will be allowed.
  19. No changing of clothing except in the restrooms.
  20. Cupertino Hills Swim & Racquet Club is a nonsmoking facility.