Some history of the Cupertino Hills Swim and Racquet Club

The Cupertino Hills Swim and Racquet club (CHSRC) was founded by several local parents who wanted to provide convenient recreation for their families. They wanted to offer swimming and tennis along with a range of other family-friendly social activities. They decided that the club would be member-owned and operated so that they could enjoy the beautiful facility along with their guests. After working with the city of Cupertino for several years, the Rae Lane site was approved for use and construction began. The club had its formal opening in August, 1970.

Forty years since the founding members opened the CHSRC, the club has continued to thrive and grow. The club now includes 6 tennis courts, an activity center, a children’s playground and a competitive swim team (the Sharks). With a close knit membership of 250 families, Cupertino Hills is a wonderful place for the entire family to enjoy.

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club circa 1970