Cupertino Hills Rules and Regulations

Members are requested to read rules and explain thoroughly to their children.

When the pool is open, please note the following: If you use the pool when a guard is not on duty, it is YOUR responsibility to lock the gate after you enter/leave the pool area. Adult members should bring their key in order to swim during off hours. Lifeguards will guard as many hours as the club director can schedule them.

General Rules
Guest Privileges
Activity Center Rules
Party Guidelines
Rental Fees
Pool Rules
Tennis Court Rules

General Rules

2017 Rules (.pdf)

2016 Bylaws (.pdf)

  1. The manager/senior lifeguard shall be responsible for management of Club facilities and for enforcement of all Club rules. He/she shall have the authority, when necessary, to deny any violator the use of the facility for that day. Additional restrictions may be imposed on chronic violators as provided in the Bylaws.
  2. The member of record, whether present or not, is responsible for the conduct of his or her family and guests at all times. Members shall be responsible for seeing that all of their guests are advised of all rules, regulations, and pool procedures.
  3. No petitions, subscriptions, papers, etc. shall be circulated on the Club premises; nor shall solicitation of funds for any purpose be made except by Board approval.
  4. Children twelve years of age, and younger, must be accompanied and supervised by an adult. The Club Manger upon qualification in swimming, water safety, and personal conduct may make a waiver on the minimum age limit. This privilege may be revoked.
  5. No pets are permitted on the Club premises.
  6. Alcoholic Beverages:
    1. No alcoholic beverages will be sold on the club premises. (Use permits condition)
    2. Consumption of alcoholic beverages will be allowed on club premises as long as this privilege is not abused.
    3. Consumption of alcoholic beverages to excess is strictly prohibited.
    4. This privilege is for those members 21 years of age or older.
    5. Rules b through d will be revoked if enforcement problems occur.
  7. Speed limit on access road and on Club grounds is 5 MPH.
  8. Parking: Members are to park their cars on Club property in areas designated. This should be done to avoid congestion on Rae Lane and around adjourning homes. Bicycles and motorbikes must be parked only in the designated area.
  9. Members may be required to show suitable identification.
  10. No loud speakers, radios, or amplified sound equipment shall be used on the Club premises.
  11. Club hours will be posted on premises and in the Newsletter.
  12. Arrangements for special use of the Club facilities may be requested of the Board via the Club manager. Notice of such events will be posted at least one week to date.
  13. Unauthorized entry on Club premises after closing hours will be subject to penalty.
  14. Club members and guests shall use the Club facilities at their own risk. The Club is not responsible for any personal property or valuables.
  15. All members must cooperate in keeping the Club premises neat and attractive. All trash, papers, cigarettes, etc. must be placed in containers provided for that purpose.
  16. Amendments: The rules committee will consider rule changes if it receives from a member in good standing the proposed rule change in writing signed by ten other members.
  17. Use of the telephone: The telephone is for the use of Club personnel, but can be used by members with permission of Club personnel. Members are requested to limit telephone calls to those of an urgent nature.
  18. Club members or their guests are not permitted to provide teaching or coaching services at the club which compete with services provided by the club, including but not limited to swimming and tennis instruction. This excludes informal, unpaid coaching such as between family members, or team practices and drills. Members or their guests may not provide any services for compensation at the club without approval of the Board of Directors, except as follows:
    1. Services provided under rule 9 of the Guest Privilege
    2. Services provided exclusively for that Member's private party which do not violate any other provision of these Rules and Regulations or the club Bylaws.

Guest Privileges

  1. Upon entering the Club property, guests must be registered by the member in the guest clipboard.
  2. A club member must accompany all guests.
  3. Members shall be fully responsible for the conduct of their guests. Guests shall be subjected to the same rules and regulations applicable to members.
  4. Guests may be excluded, or the number of guests may be limited, at certain times, to prevent overcrowding of the Club facilities. Same guest will be limited to one privilege per week.
  5. Daily guest fees for local guests will be $2.00.
  6. Guests leaving the Club wishing to return the same day must check out at the office to avoid an additional guest fee.
  7. Bona-fide house guests residing temporarily with a member will be permitted free of charge.
  8. Elderly relatives who do not actually use the Club facilities will be admitted without charge. (Does not apply when reserving an area)
  9. Baby-sitters will be permitted without charge in accordance with the following:
    1. Their presence is for the purpose of caring for the children of members.
    2. The baby-sitter must have a note signed by the responsible member indicating that he is to be admitted.
  10. Families renting or leasing the home of a member in good standing may use the facility. Lessee must file membership form signed by member and by lessee.

Activity Center Rules

  1. All parties require a refundable security/key deposit of $35.00.
  2. Reservations for the activity center may be made on a first come basis through the club manger. A calendar will be posted in the office window; party starting and exiting times will be indicated on the calendar.
  3. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
  4. The activity center may be used only during the hours the club is open. The manager will post these hours. The guards will lock the activity center when they leave. A member may post a $35.00 key deposit and borrow a key for an evening. This member is responsible for the proper care of the Activity Center and grounds around the building.
  5. Only one group may reserve the activity center at a time.
  6. Parties are limited to no more than 30 people.
  7. The activity center is off limits to all swim team members during swim meets.
  8. Smoking is prohibited.
  9. The Weber barbecues must stay outside the building.
  10. Activity center must be left clean!!! Remove all personal belongings and store club equipment. Trash must be taken to the dumpster and all bag liners replaced. Sweep and/or mop the floor. Leave the center as clean as you want to find it.
  11. Consumption of alcoholic beverages to excess is strictly prohibited.
  12. No loudspeakers, radios, or amplified sound equipment shall be used on the club premises.

Party Guidelines

  1. Members can reserve an area for a private party only one weekend day, Saturday or Sunday, per month.
  2. The upper pool patio will be divided into two areas. Facing the golf course with your back to the pool - the area to the left can be reserved Monday through Saturday for party use. The right side will be for members to use without advance reservations.
  3. No party reservations will be made on holidays: Memorial Day, Father's Day, Mother's Day, July 4th, etc. The Activity Center can be reserved any other day. The pool patio, both sides, cannot be reserved on Sunday.
  4. Party size must be limited to 30 people. An exception to this is school parties held during school hours limited to 50.
  5. School parties are limited to 50. A member has to sponsor the party; members with a child in class may reserve the club for party in advance. Others need to wait until 2 weeks prior to June 1 to reserve the club for a school party. Party pays for lifeguards; 1 per 20 children @ $12.00 per hour; 4-hour minimum. $50.00 fee for use of facility plus guest fees, $2.00 for every non-member person present. Teacher free of charge.

Rental Fees

  1. Activity Center - refundable key deposit of $35.00.
  2. Member may post a $35.00 key deposit and borrow a key for an evening. This member is responsible for the proper care of the Activity Center and ground around the building.